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"And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ . . ." (Ephesians 4:11-12)

The office of the evangelist is a God-ordained spiritual gift to the church. It is a spiritual gift that is given to some, "For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ." It is a stirring gift used by the evangelist, as empowered and enabled by the Spirit of God, to stir and awaken Godís people to the need for repentance and revival within the local church.

The evangelist works alongside of the pastor, and compliments the pastoral ministry in support of the overall ministry of the local New Testament Church. He is sent out of the local church to minister in other local churches. In my particular case, I work under the authority of a local church and view my ministry to other local churches as an extension of the ministry of my sending church. In many ways, I am a missionary-evangelist.

The office and gift of the evangelist also involves the evangelism of the lost, both in mass evangelism endeavors, as well is in street meetings, door-to-door evangelism and in other outreach opportunities.

My personal ministry burden is for revival. I am a revivalist at heart. Revival is the heartbeat of my ministry.

Within the scope of my ministry, the following would best describe what my wife and I emphasize in the ministry God has given to us.

    1.  Local church revival meetings. We particularly work with the smaller independent, fundamental Baptist churches in the western United States, mostly in California. I have prayed for the Lord to enlarge our coasts, and it appears that He is doing that, with open doors for a potential national ministry. We often go to churches that could not ordinarily afford to have an evangelist come. We always come on a by faith basis, and expect, neither ask for any funds "up front." We come strictly on a love-offering basis. We live in, and travel with our fifth-wheel trailer.  At times we may travel without the trailer, depending on the travel requirements.

     2.  Family conferences. For a number of years we have conducted family conferences in a number of churches. With a burden for the condition of our homes in America, and wanting to help families in local churches, we put together a family conference package, complete with a large amount of printed material, to assist the pastor in helping his people to build stronger Christian homes.

    3.  Union Gospel Meetings. Revival and evangelistic meetings with a group of churches meeting together in one single location.

    4.  Youth Rallies. Having served as a youth director early on in the ministry, I continue to have a burden for the young people in our churches. I continue to conduct youth rallies as the Lord opens the doors for me to do so. I believe it imperative that this generation of Christian young people be challenged to prepare to serve the Lord Jesus Christ all the days of their lives. Satan has targeted no other generation of young people for destruction like this one.

    5.  Missions Conferences. The Lord has allowed me the privilege of preaching for "grace giving" (faith promise) missions conferences over the years. Having a great love for missions and missionaries, this is a joy for me. I remain available for mission conferences throughout the year.

    6.  Door-to-door evangelism. Whenever we are with a church for revival meetings, my wife and I are always available to do door-to-door evangelism.

    7.  Personal Evangelism Training. God has allowed me to conduct a number of personal evangelism classes with an emphasis on biblical soul-winning as opposed to the "easy decisionism" that has become so prevalent in the past three or four decades. I am always glad to teach soul-winning classes while with a church for revival meetings.

    8.  Ladiesí Ministries. My wife has a ministry in speaking to the ladies of the church when we are in revival meetings. She has a heart for the women of the church, and God has blessed her with an effective ministry to them. She also sings special music when requested.

My goal in a revival meeting with the local church is to be a source of blessing and encouragement to the people. Though the preaching is old-fashioned and aimed at the heart, it is never my desire to "bomb, blister or bruise" the people, but to edify and challenge them regarding the need for revival in our churches in these last days. I always endeavor to leave the pastor with something to build upon, and want to be an encouragement to he and his family as well. The idea is not to scatter the flock, but to feed the flock of God, and assist the pastor in his revival meeting needs. Working alongside the pastor, and under his authority, we come to help, never to hinder the work of God in that local church.

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