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From time to time we have people who want to help support our ministry financially.  Instead of having to explain all the details each time, we thought it would be better to have the information on our website so we can direct people to this spot.

If you desire to support our ministry, here is the information you would need.  We process all of our financial support through Central Missionary Clearinghouse.  This does not preclude our being under the authority of our sending church.  Our ministry has always been based out of the local New Testament church and shall continue to be so.  This is just a financial arrangement that is used to better serve our local church, as well as our ministry. Central Missionary Clearinghouse collects all our support for the month and then deposits it into our bank account at the end of the month.  

Just send a check to them at the address below.  Make the check out to Central Missionary Clearinghouse or CMC and, if you are an individual donor, do not put our name anywhere on the check. Instead attach a note to the check desiginating the funds go to Evangelist Paul Mershon.  This does not apply to churches. Churches may put our name in the memo section, etc. of the check. If a church supports more than one missionary that puts their funds through Central Missionary Clearinghouse, they may send one check and include the names and amounts for each missionary in the memo section of the check, etc. Just be sure that the check is made out to Central Missionary Clearinghouse or CMC.  

In order for us to receive the money on the 30th of the month, it must be received by them by the 25th of the month.  There are some exceptions where the cutoff date is earlier as in December due to Christmas, etc.  You should be notified of those exceptions. If it is not received by the cutoff date, it will be added to the next month's funds. They will send you a tax-deductible receipt and an envelope to use for your next donation.  If you have any questions, you may contact them at (800) 262-7729 or (281) 599-7411.

The address is:  Central Missionary Clearinghouse
                             P.O. Box 219228
                             Houston, Texas 77218-9228

Please remember that you do not send any personal mail to this address.  This is strictly for our financial support only.  

Recently, the Central Missionary Clearinghouse just announced that they will accept donations online.

  • Go to, click on Donate, then click on the “Click&Give” logo.
  • Register and log in and then select the 'give' button and then select our name from the drop down list under 'select account' to give your donation to our ministry online. 

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.


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